Personal accident (PA) takaful is an annual plan that provides you or your beneficiaries with compensation in the event of death, disablement or injuries arising from an accident.
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  The personal accident takaful ensures that you are protected 24 hours a day, and anywhere in the world, subject to the terms and conditions of the plan. You contribute a sum of money to a general takaful fund in the form of participative contribution tabarru’). Participants of the fund agree to help each other when they are involved in an accident resulting in death, disablement or injuries.

If you have not made any claim during the period of takaful, at maturity you are entitled to a share of the surplus in the general takaful fund, based on a pre-agreed ratio between you and the takaful operator.

The example below should give you a basic idea how surplus sharing can work.

Example: A takaful operator has a total surplus (S) of RM4 million and total general contribution (GC) of RM10 million. Your contribution (C) for the year is RM500. The pre-agreed sharing ratio (PSR) for the surplus is 50:50. Your share of surplus will be as follows:
  The basic cover of a PA takaful includes death and disablement arising from accidents. In addition to the basic cover, takaful operators may also provide coverage on medical expenses, hospitalisation benefits, corrective surgery and funeral expenses. PA takaful coverage varies between takaful operators. You are advised to participate in a plan that suits your need.  
  Generally, personal accident takaful will usually not cover accidents caused by the following events:  
War risks
Suicide and insanity
Self-inflicted injury
Influenced by liquor, drugs or narcotics
AIDS/HIV or any other venereal diseases
Provoked murder or assault
Childbirth, pregnancy or miscarriage
Involvement in unlawful activities
Hazardous sports
Operating or riding a two-wheel motor vehicle
  It is also quite common for PA takaful to exclude people in these ‘high-risk’ professions, such as:  
Police/military and law enforcement officers
Pilots or crew members
Aircraft testers
Racing drivers
Seamen or sea fishermen
Professional sports persons
  Some takaful operators might extend coverage to cover some of the above exclusions if you pay additional contributions. It is best to check with your takaful operator to learn more about the exclusions in your takaful and how you can extend your coverage.  
  When applying for a Personal Accident (PA) takaful plan :  
Do disclose all material facts on the risks to be covered.
Do read the ‘Important Notice’ on the Proposal Form.
Do answer all questions fully and accurately.
Do complete and sign the Proposal Form yourself.
Don't leave any question in the Proposal Form unanswered.
Don't use ticks & dashes to answer the questions requiring full answers.

Don't withhold or misrepresent any material fact. Otherwise, the plan issued will be void, meaning that the claim can be repudiated.
Don't sign any blank forms.
  To ensure your takaful plan remains valid :  
Do comply with all the terms, conditions and endorsements of the certificate.
Don't forget to pay the contribution within the terms allowed by the takaful operator.
  The takaful operator will pay you or your nominees, subject to the terms and conditions of your family takaful.  
In the event of death:
A police report must be made

The takaful operator must be notified as soon as possible.

The claimant will be given a claim form which should be submitted
together with:
  - Supporting documents required by the takaful operator
  - Death certificate
  - Burial permit
If there is no beneficiary nominated, the dependents of the deceased or the executor of the deceased’s estate should provide proof of dependency or letter of administration.
In the event of death:

You must notify the takaful operator of the injury in writing within the time frame stipulated in the personal accident takaful certificate.

You should submit the claim form with supporting documents:
  - Medical reports
  - Receipts of payment for the hospital expenses
  You will be compensated for benefits under the plan if the treatment is obtained or diagnosis is made within the specified time frame from the date of accident.  
Contact a takaful operator for more information on the cover and benefits of their personal accident takaful. You can also download our booklet or view our FAQ's on the subject.