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  Children Financial Education Programme at Minggu Kesedaran Kewangan 2010
Minggu Kesedaran Kewangan (M2K) 2010 has started with a series of briefing and interactive sessions at schools, universities, colleges, uniformed bodies (police and navy) in Kota Kinabalu and two districts, namely Papar and Penampang during the period 18 to 21 October 2010.

In  collaboration  with  14 adoptive financial institutions (FIs) under the School  Adoption  Programme  (SAP),  fun  and  educational money management activities  ranging  from  games,  puzzles,  competitions, briefings, story telling and real life simulations were conducted for more than 2,000 school children  from  17 schools. It was truly amazing to see the children packed with  energy and enthusiasm participating in the various activities as they enriched  their  experience  in personal financial management. The adoptive FIs  demonstrated  confidence  in  conducting  engaging financial education activities.   Some   confessed  to  have  honed  the  skills  during  their involvement in the SAP.

During  M2K  2010, Bank Negara Malaysia has added further key milestones in its  effort to elevate financial literacy of disabled children by including hearing   and  visually  impaired  children  in  the  programme.  Financial education  activities  for  these  children  were tailored to their special needs and learning abilities.

At  Sekolah  Kebangsaan  Pendidikan Khas (Penglihatan) Pekan Tuaran, Sabah, more  than 40 visually impaired primary school children participated in the financial  education  activities,  which  included  story telling, personal financial  management  using  Buku Wang Saku in Braille and identifying the value  of currency notes using the 'Cash Test Card'. Despite their impaired vision,  the  children  were  up-beat from the beginning and continue to be active  throughout the session. Prizes for the quizzes that are appropriate for use by the visually impaired such as 'talking' calculators and watches, key chains and geometry sets were distributed to the children.

In  addition,  some  90  hearing  impaired children from Sekolah Kebangsaan Pendidikan  Khas  (Pendengaran)  Kota  Kinabalu had fun putting together Si Kijang  money  box  whilst  learning  how  to  save,  spend  and share. The programme  was  facilitated  by Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery (MAG).   The   children's  awareness  and  knowledge  about  the  Malaysian currencies  and  the  security  features  were enhanced during the learning session  conducted by officers from Jabatan Pengurusan dan Operasi Matawang (JPW). The teachers facilitated the learning process through sign language. It  was heart warming to see the children participating actively throughout the programme. Quizzes and games were conducted to assess the awareness and literacy  level  of  the  children. Prizes such as jigsaw puzzles and board games added smiles to the faces of the winners.
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