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  Pengurusan Wang Ringgit Anda (POWER!) Programme
As part of the efforts to promote financial literacy and sound financial management by members of the public, Bank Negara Malaysia announces today the launch of the Pengurusan Wang Ringgit Anda (POWER!) Programme. The POWER! Programme is a specially designed programme targeted primarily for young individuals and new borrowers, with the aim of empowering this group to effectively manage their finances. This will in turn contribute towards promoting better protection for financial consumers and a more resilient household sector. 

The recent global financial crisis has highlighted that poor borrowing behaviours can result in significant hardship to households with far reaching consequences on the broader financial system and economy. The POWER! Programme will equip individuals with practical financial knowledge and skills as well as decision-making tools to make sound financial decisions. It will include useful information, tips and financial toolkit to encourage prudent money management and financial discipline. The programme will highlight practical applications of financial decisions and their consequences in real life situations, with a focus on the common financial products that individuals will be most likely to consider, including credit cards, hire purchase and housing loans.  It will address the key considerations that every consumer should be aware of, but often overlook, before taking on a credit facility.     

The half day POWER! Programme will be managed by Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK) at no charge. The programme will be conducted in two languages, Bahasa Malaysia and English. Handbooks that provide more detailed and in depth elaboration and information on the various topics covered in the POWER! Programme will be available in both Bahasa Malaysia and English. The Mandarin and Tamil versions will be available in April. The handbooks can be purchased at a nominal amount of RM5 and will also be accessible via AKPK’s website. Work is also in progress to develop online and interactive tools and facilities to supplement the POWER! 

The POWER! Programme will be offered nationwide, commencing in Kuala Lumpur on 9 February 2011. The programme will be conducted every Wednesday and Saturday in Kuala Lumpur, and every Wednesday beginning 16 February 2011 in other states. The outreach of the programme will be expanded to other small towns throughout the country in phases based on demand. 

First session of the POWER! Programme for major cities:

Pengurusan Wang Ringgit Anda (POWER!)
VenueStart Date
Kuala Lumpur9 February 2011
Penang16 February 2011
Malacca23 February 2011
Johor Bahru2 March 2011
Kota Kinabalu9 March 2011
Kuching16 March 2011
Kuala Terengganu30 March 2011

Individuals are strongly encouraged to participate in this programme. Employers may also contact AKPK to conduct the programme for their employees. Those who are interested can contact AKPK at 1-800-88-2575 or visit AKPK’s website at or its social media site, for further details.
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