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01 Apr 2013 Paying using online banking
After payment motortakaful insurance via online banking, how long should I wait before I receive response to my subscription?
14 Jan 2013 BNM: Beware of unsolicited calls or messages asking for your banking information, they could be scams.
BNM: Beware of unsolicited calls or messages asking for your banking information, they could be scams.
25 Oct 2012 Handling Polymer Banknotes Correctly
Polymer banknotes were introduced in the new Malaysian currency series for the RM1 and RM 5 denomination. This article provides tips to ensure that the polymer banknotes are handled correctly
21 Jun 2012 PIDM issues scam warning
The Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corp (PIDM) has reminded the public to not act on any request to transfer money out of their bank accounts or make payment to it for the purpose of paying fees for insurance protection.
21 Mar 2012 Motor insurance claims – under insurance
A was involved in an accident but he was not at fault. His car market value at the time of the accident was RM65,000 but the sum insured is only RM50,000.
13 Mar 2012 Flood and Motor Insurance / Takaful
Despite having to take precautions such as avoiding parking their vehicles in the lower parking levels which are susceptible to floods and avoiding the areas prone to flooding during heavy rains, vehicle owners still face the risk of rising flood waters. It may be worthwhile to ascertain if our motor insurance policies have coverage for claims for flood-related damages.
27 Feb 2012 Consumer Alert – Know Your New Motor Insurance Premium
Most of us are affected by the recent revision of the motor insurance premium. You may estimate your motor insurance premium/ takaful contribution by using the motor premium/ contribution calculator at the following links: and
13 Feb 2012 Consult a doc and read the fine print before signing up for a health policy
WHEN is a heart attack not a heart attack? When it does not fit into the definition that appears in fine print on an insurance policy.
02 Feb 2012 Making it hard for claimants
It is not enough to be genuinely and critically ill to get your insurance claims approved, as many people have found out. The criteria that insurance companies set are strict and technical and, according to aggrieved policyholders, difficult to understand.
27 Jan 2012 Hundreds of true-life trials of the insured
Disputes over health insurance claims are fairly common, judging by the number of cases handled by the Financial Mediation Bureau.
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