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FAQs on Personal Accident Takaful
    Is PA takaful meant for Muslims only?
      No, PA takaful is opened to any individual regardless of his/her religious beliefs. No additional terms and conditions are imposed upon non-Muslim participants.

    Must I inform my takaful operator about other PA takaful plans of insurance policies that I have?
      Yes, you must inform your takaful operator of any other takaful plans or insurance policies you have that provide cover for accident or incapacity, except for a motor takaful plan. This is because for certain losses such as medical expenses where compensation are on reimbursement basis, you will only be compensated by either the takaful operator or the insurance company based on the actual loss suffered.
    If there are chages to my life profile, must I inform my takaful operator?
      Yes, you are required to inform your takaful operator should there be changes regarding your address, occupation and personal pursuits that would affect your risk profile.

    My friend was covered under a PA takaful. He had a fatal accident while riding a motorcycle but the takaful operator repudiated the death claim. Why?
      Your friend may have taken the standard PA takaful, which excludes death or injury while operating or riding a two-wheel motor vehicle. However, by paying additional contributions, certificate holders can extend their cover to include the certificate exclusions.

    Claim was made for total and permanent disability (TPD) but was repudiated by the takaful operator on the grounds that the claimant could still work. What is the definition of TPD?
      Under a PA takaful, TPD is defined as disability that prevents the participant from performing any work, occupation or profession. The takaful operator may have repudiated the claim because there is no evidence that the disability has prevented the participant from performing any type of work at all.
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