As the central bank of Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia is entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining the country’s monetary and financial stability as well as the overall economic development of the nation.
Visit Bank Negara Malaysia’s website for more information about Bank Negara Malaysia.
BNM LINK represents one of Bank Negara Malaysia’s important points of contact with the general public to facilitate a rapid and effective response for members of the public and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in matters related to the financial sector.
Visit BNM LINK for more details about the bureau.
Managed by Bank Negara Malaysia, the Credit Bureau essentially collects credit information on borrowers and, in turn, furnishes the credit information to lenders who have provided the data.
Visit the Credit Bureau to learn more
Financial Mediation Bureau (FMB) is an independent body set up to help settle disputes between you and your financial services providers. These disputes may be Banking/Financial related as well as Insurance and Takaful related.
Visit FMB’s website for more details about the bureau.
AKPK is an agency set up by Bank Negara Malaysia that offers credit counselling services, money management advice and consumer financial education as well as debt management programmes.
Visit AKPK’s website to find out more about their services.
LIAM was established to promote a better understanding of life insurance as well as enhance professionalism in the industry through self regulation and training of staff and agents.
Visit LIAM’s website to find out more about the association.
Aimed at promoting a sound insurance structure in Malaysia, PIAM provides advice and assistance to its members and consumers with regards to general insurance in Malaysia.
Visit PIAM’s website to learn more about this association.
Aimed at promoting a better understanding of banking and finance, Bankinginfo provides consumer education on related issues such as money management, financial planning and various banking products and services.
Visit bankinginfo to learn more.
A user-friendly website targeted at school children that teaches them how to be smart with money.
Visit DuitSaku for more details.
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