Insurance fraud or takaful fraud is any deliberate deception or dishonesty committed against or by an insurance company or takaful operator, insurance or takaful agent, or consumer for unjustified financial gain.

There are many examples of insurance fraud, which include:
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Creating a fraudulent claim

Staged accidents - e.g. the workshop deliberately causes minor accidents to get custody of the vehicle(s) for repairs.
Bogus claims for an accident or injury that never happened.

Claiming against a personal accident insurance policy for self-inflicted injuries - e.g. cutting yourself and claiming robbery.
Faking a death to collect life insurance benefits or filing a false death claim.
Staged burglary, theft or vandalism against your or someone else's property.
Overstating amount of loss

Inflated or 'padded' claim where the extent of damage or injury sustained in a genuine accident is exaggerated.
Inflating value of items taken during a burglary/theft.
Medical service providers inflating medical bills.
Misrepresenting facts to receive payment

Making multiple claims by having multiple insurance covers with different insurance companies or takaful operators for one vehicle and for a particular accident.
Claiming damage unrelated to the current accident you are claiming from.

Receiving disability payments while working elsewhere and conducting same or similar work duties.
Medical service providers charging for services not rendered or unnecessary medical treatment.
Charging for non-provided medical tests.
Bogus agents

Sale of insurance by an unlicensed insurance company or takaful operator or someone purporting to be an agent of an insurance company or takaful operator.
For more details, please download our booklet on insurance fraud or contact your insurance company or takaful operator for assistance.