If you or a person you know is involved in a traffic accident, it is very important to remain calm and not panic at the situation. The steps below will help.
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  Be calm and do not panic.
  If there are injuries, call 999 for assistance.
  If there are no injuries, move your vehicle to a safe area away from traffic, where possible.
  Note the names and addresses of the other driver(s) involved.
  Note the model and vehicle registration number of the vehicle(s) involved.
  Note names and addresses of witnesses, if any.
Sketch a simple diagram of the accident scene and the position of each vehicle right before and after the accident (Photos of the accident scene, if available, can be very helpful).
  Exchange information on the names of your respective insurance companies / takaful operators.
  Do not discuss on whose fault it was. This may complicate the handling of your claims.
If your vehicle needs to be towed, ensure that the vehicle will be sent to the correct workshop. Call your insurance company / takaful operator or its accident hotline number for the appropriate workshop.
  Report the accident to the police within 24 hours.
Inform your insurance company / takaful operator even if you do not intend to make a claim. The third party involved in the accident may make a claim against your insurance company / takaful operator which would cause you to lose your no-claims-discount (NCD).
Complete the claims form in full and include any additional relevant information. If in doubt, ask your insurance company / takaful operator for advice.
If your vehicle is damaged, you may either make an own damage claim or a third party claim. For own damage claims, call your insurance company or takaful operator immediately for advice.

If your insurance company recommends or requires that repairs be done at a panel / authorised workshop, then take your vehicle there as advised. Your insurance company will reject your claim if your vehicle is sent to a workshop that is not authorised by your insurance company. Your insurance company will send an insurance loss adjuster to assess the damage to your vehicle before authorising the repairs.
Download our fact sheet on traffic accidents and how to prevent your vehicle from being stolen or contact your insurance company or takaful operator for assistance and learn more about your motor insurance coverage.