We go through different stages in life, facing different situations and embark on new adventures each time. Be prepared to face your future. Be sure that you and your family are financially secure. Learn how you can make the most of your money with our life stages financial strategies.
Managing your money
Basic banking services
Protecting your ATM card
Internet banking
Learn the basics of
insurance and takaful
Learning programmes
Budget calculator
This is the time when you are usually on your own away from home attending college. Of the many things that you need to deal on your own from this stage of your life is managing your personal finances. Learn to manage your money properly and calculate your budget.

Consider putting your allowance into a bank account. Providing you with an efficient way to save and withdraw money, this account will also enable you to apply for Internet banking services to conduct online banking.

You should learn the basics of insurance to ensure continued financial stability and security.