We go through different stages in life, facing different situations and embark on new adventures each time. Be prepared to face your future. Be sure that you and your family are financially secure. Learn how you can make the most of your money with our life stages financial strategies.
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For most parents, family comes first. You want to ensure that all your family members needs are well taken care of and their future is secure even if you are no longer around.

The most basic skill you need to have in ensuring the financial security of your family is learning how to manage your money. Use our budget calculator to help you in this.You can also introduce good money management habits to your children through Duitsaku.com.

As you become more financially more stable, you may want to learn about investing your money to create better savings for your future.

Other important considerations may include having personal protection for you and your loved ones. Be it insurance protection or takaful cover, your family members should be able to continue with their lives if you are not around.

Give your children a bright future by having a solid child education plan and secure your future after retirement through annuity schemes.

If you are looking for financing to purchase a vehicle or the house of your dreams, learn about the loans offered by banking institutions.

Be sure to compare the features and rates of these loans and calculate the loan instalments before choosing the one that suits you best.

If you are considering investment options, use our guide on investing your money as a reference to learn about different investment options according to life cycles.